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==  Old stable version (2.8)  ==  Old development branch (2.9)  ==  New stable version (3.0)  ==

Released May 28th, 2004

* Changed: Set MAXNICKLEN to 31                                [ endorphin ]


Released December 30th, 2002

* Fixed: Bot modes weren't getting saved to sessionfile        [ endorphin ]
* Fixed: Link_needop() clobbering current bot pointer          [ agonizer ]
* Changed: Made BYE command require command char               [ endorphin ]
* Fixed: Crashes in qshit (maybe others), MAXHOSTLEN increased [ symetrix/MC ]
* Changed: source description headers for emech-dev team       [ endorphin ]


Released April 1st, 2002

* Fixed: Compiles without link support                         [ MadCamel ]
* Fixed: Crashing while trying to parse ipv6 IP addresses      [ MadCamel ]
* Fixed: Won't rejoin channels if there is system clock skew   [ endorphin ]
* Fixed: bots invite eachother through bans again              [ MadCamel ]
* Added: Some extra setup info in the README file              [ endorphin ]
* Fixed: Stupid bug in do_topic                                [ MadCamel ]
* Added: ./genuser now looks up mech.set for extra userfiles   [ endorphin ]
* Fixed: ./genuser looks harder for needed textutils binaries  [ symetrix/endorphin ]
* Fixed: NEEDOP is sent when bot is deoped                     [ MadCamel ]
* Note:  Blunt_Wrk died 19th Nov 2001. Laters dude, RIP.       [ emech team ]
* Added: Linked bots request channel keys from each other      [ MadCamel ]
* Fixed: Channel keys now saved in session                     [ MadCamel ]
* Fixed: put init_uptime() in main.c in an ifdef               [ proton ]


Released June 29th, 2001

* Changed: Telnet login prompt text                            [ proton ]
* Added: 'make cvs' to download and build latest version       [ endorphin ]
* Fixed: random kick messages now work if no reason specified  [ endorphin/MadCamel ]
* Fixed: display bug with parse_253() (LUSERS command)         [ endorphin/Blunt_Wrk ]
* Changed: Back rev'd new but incompatible string functions    [ endorphin ]
* Fixed: ./contrib/cvsupdate didn't actually update... oops    [ endorphin ]
* Fixed: crash bug in do_report()                              [ endorphin/Blunt_Wrk ]


Released June 21st, 2001

* Added: ./genuser for creating setup mode userlists.          [ endorphin ]
* Added: ./contrib/cvsupdate for getting latest emech source.  [ endorphin/MC ]
* Fixed: Setup mode now completly gone. Code cleanups.         [ proton ]
* Fixed: Split detection for deauth works with new undernet.   [ MC/proton ]
* Changed: Removed setup mode. Userlist is now prerequsite.    [ MadCamel ]
* Fixed: Bug in format_uh.                                     [ proton ]
* Fixed: Potential crash bug in parse_324()                    [ proton ]
* Removed: Spawn command.  See new sample.set for multihead.   [ MadCamel ]
* Removed: Lots of unused code for incomplete features.        [ MadCamel ]
* Fixed: short_tv avoice bug with multihead bots.              [ endorphin ]
* Fixed: AVOICE flag not being read from userlist file.        [ endorphin ]
* Fixed: security hole.                                        [ proton/MadCamel ]
* Fixed: Socket leaks in SockConnect()                         [ MadCamel ]
* Fixed: Crash bug in parseline()                              [ MadCamel ]
* Fixed: BYE command not working outside DCC.                  [ endorphin/Mourgos ]
* Fixed: Possible socket leak.                                 [ MadCamel ]


Released April 1st, 2001

No, there is no joke. Trust me. I really mean it. None. ...

* Fixed: SHOWIDLE, NAMES, FORGET and RKICKSAY access checks    [ endorphin ]
* FIxed: UNBAN now checks for channel access                   [ endorphin/sinthetek ]
* Fixed: Need to repeat commands that force DCC                [ endorphin ]
* Fixed: `SETPASS <user> none' bug regarding min pass len      [ proton/MadCamel ]
* Added: SET CTIMEOUT and SET CDELAY for connection timeouts   [ endorphin ]
* Fixed: HELP <level> not displaying last line if too short    [ endorphin ]
* Fixed: HELP 0 displayed max user level commands              [ endorphin/Azmodan ]
* Fixed: mech.session now gets saved on SHUTDOWN               [ endorphin ]
* Added: Merged in some ADD sanity checking from 2.99          [ endorphin/proton ]
* Changed: SPAWN is no longer available in newbie mode         [ endorphin ]
* Changed: Default channels in sample.set                      [ MadCamel ]
* Fixed: checks shitlist after tog (shit 1)                    [ MadCamel ]
* Added: SAVE now writes out mech.session file as well         [ endorphin ]
* Fixed: Screwban now checks if access is higher than target   [ MadCamel/The_Dawn ]
* Added: Now de-authenticates users on quit (Except netsplits) [ MadCamel/endorphin ]
* Added: Extra entries in randsignoff.e                        [ proton ]
* Fixed: Respawn counter now works properly when bot SEGVs     [ endorphin ]
* Fixed: Link command SEGV from telnet users                   [ proton ]
* Changed: Client VERSION and FINGER replies                   [ proton ]
* Fixed: Channel access bug in ADD command                     [ proton ]
* Changed: Bug report email address in ./configure             [ proton ]
* Fixed: Massunban no longer unbans shitlevel 3                [ endorphin]
* Fixed: set AUB was causing bot to unban in all channels      [ MadCamel ]
* Added: ESAY $set()                                           [ endorphin ]
* Fixed: ESAY $tog() parsing bug causing bad output            [ proton ]
* Fixed: KS now checks for channel access                      [ endorphin ]
* Fixed: Command flags being destroyed from CHACCESS           [ endorphin ]
* Added: UNVERIFY command                                      [ MadCamel ]
* Moved stable branch development to CVS                       [ MadCamel ]
* Fixed: bots was not protected in protection code             [ proton/The_Dawn ]
* Added: More help in the helpfile                             [ Azmodan ]
* Fixed: ENFM was broken and noone told me!                    [ proton/The_Dawn ]


Released November 8th, 2000


* Fixed: Auths not timing out if user was visible in           [ found by endorphin ]
  an old (kicked/parted) channel userlist
* Fixed: Missing channels in WHOIS
* Fixed: SEGV in ADD command (finally)
* Added: Short delay for server reconnect actions
* Added: Uptime reporting client code
* Added: Extra entries in randinsult.e
* Fixed: WinGate proxy now works again...
* Fixed: Merged endo's seen-ago patch                          [ endorphin ]
* Fixed: Bot not knowing it was opped when joining             [ found by endorphin ]
  empty channels.
* Fixed: Random server disconnects
* Fixed: Random DCC disconnects
* Fixed: Security hole

Released June 4th, 2000

* Fixed: Strcat() not skipping to end of string


Released February 17th, 2000

* Fixed: Lockup/crash bug in WALL command
* Fixed: Major headache with DIE has been fixed
* Fixed: Brain-damaged-undernet-coder-kludge for +k
  where the key itself is not sent if the user (bot)
  isnt opped
* Fixed: The bot will no longer kick/+ban itself if it
  triggers massdeop protection
* Fixed: You can now delete servers by their real name
  aswell and not just by the name listed in the config
* Fixed: With AOP enabled, AVOICE would not work at all        [ endorphin ]
* Fixed: DCC user + linking crash bug
* Fixed: Major crash bug in the newly optimized
  chanuser handling...
* Fixed: Ghost chanuser problem when the bot joins a
  channel and someone else joins before the channel is
  synched (/WHO list has been received)


Released February 12st, 2000

* Removed: UPDATE command (didnt actually have any real
  effect on anything...)
* Changed: spymessages are now prefixed with `[message]'
  instead of `$'
* Changed: The CHANNEL command now shows all the info
  that CSTATS and ALLSTATS used to show, and CSTATS &
  ALLSTATS has been removed
* Changed: A disgusting amount of optimizations...
* Changed: Temporarily took out the WinGate question
  since it doesnt work
* Added: configure script now asks if superdebug is to
  be included instead of enabling it by default
* Added: SIGMASTER setting to decide which bot handles
  signals like, HUP, USR1, etc
* Changed: Lots of optimizations
* Fixed: New (since 2.7.3) bug with AVOICE system
* Changed: Special case get_token()'s split into chop()
  routine for optimizations


Released January 31st, 2000

* Fixed: DEBUG mishap (possible crasher) in
  SockConnect() (formerly known as connect_by_number)
* Fixed: NOIDLE sending refreshes before the bot was
  `officially online'
* Fixed: SEGV and redundant code in find_userhost()


Released January 19th, 2000

* Fixed: WIN and ALS was missing from feature line
* Changed: Listener socks have been made non-blocking
* Fixed: Compiling errors re undef'd DEBUG & PIPEUSER
* Changed: avoice and on_join() heavily optimized
* Changed: Renamed strcasecmp to Strcasecmp cuz some
  ld tools would bong out when it finds two functions
  with the same name (one internal, one in libc)
* Added: gcc/gprof profiling support
* Added: sendnotice() was missing from h.h                     [ found by azmodan ]
* Fixed: The fork bug when superdebug was undef'd
* Fixed: Bug in find_userhost() (?) caused crashes
  when it was called by Link_needop()
* Fixed: Unused user records werent skipped in the
  saveuserlist() routine -- until now


Released January 16th, 2000

* Fixed: Updated server IPs in sample.set
* Changed: SeenList memory allocating and handling
  have been fixed & optimized
* Added: More superdebug debug info
* Fixed: Memory leaks
* Fixed: KSLIST now works                                      [ found by endorphin ]
* Added: Channel keys are now saved to session file            [ found by detriment ]
* Fixed: Help command works again
* Fixed: link.c now compiles OK even if PIPEUSER is            [ azmodan ]
* Fixed: If AVOICE setting was set to 1, it would +v           [ endorphin ]
  everything in sight even though it should only +v AV
  users, its now handled correctly
* Added: Most 2.6.1b11 beta addons have been merged
  with the current source-tree


Released December 2nd, 1999

* Fixed: needinvite now actually works
* Changed: rewrote my_stricmp and renamed it
* Fixed: Small bug in time2away which could cause
  garbage to be appended to the "am" and "pm" in some
  time strings.
* Changed: telnet users no longer need to verify and
  never gets deauthenticated
* Changed: All f* (buffered file) routines has been
  replaced with open(), sockread(), send_to_socket(),
  and equivalents == less libc calls & better code use
* Changed: LAST now stops listing "(none)" entries
  after the first one has been printed
* Added: Channel keys can now be specified in the
  config file like so;
  CHANNEL <channel> <key>
* Changed: DCC clients are now being deleted in the
  main loop instead of all over the place
* Changed: DCC and telnet now uses non-blocking IO
* Changed: freadln() has been removed and sockread()
  is being used to read files instead
* Added: BinaryDefault settings are now used to avoid
  saving default settings in session files
* Changed: Rewrote the readcfgfile() function to use
  sockread() instead of freadln()
* Changed: the usage texts has now been moved into
  the code again. It should be more concurrent aswell
  as one less external file to keep track of
* Changed: Removed 95% of all time() calls by making
  "now" a global variable. time() is called after
  select() to update it
* Added: -Wshadow switch to configure script so that
  imporoperly shadowed variables can be weeded out
* Fixed: SEGV in RKS (a simple swap of two lines)              [ found by mr_c ]


Released October 24th, 1999

* Added: Partyline users are now visible across links.
* Changed: New routine for reading server input. This
  breaks wingate support but improves overall quality
  and speed. All server reads are now completely
  converted to non-blocking IO.
* Added: "-o file" option for debug output.
* Changed: Optimizations in the handling of variables.  
* Added: More warnings for stray settings in config   
  file parser.
* Changed: Global settings are now bot specific, not
  process specific as before. This will require that
  some mech.set files be rewritten (global settings
  moved into the bot configuration part (and possibly
  duplicated for multiple bots)).
* Fixed: Idle-kick (TOG IK, SET IKT) now works                 [ endorphin + proton ]
* Added: Sanity checking in CMD routines (disallow certain
  commands, like CHAT, CMD and SHUTDOWN)
* Added: Command table compile-time parser has been merged
  from 2.6.1b10+
* Added: --location=LOCATION option in configure script
* Fixed: system() calls to reboot/reset the mech has been
  replaced with an execl() call (in main.c->mech_exec()) 
* Fixed: Makefile stub now handles "make mech" like it should
* Fixed: DCC/telnet users who "flood" the partyline
  with more than 2000 bytes (editable in config.h)
  are disconnected (chargen DoS fix)
* Fixed: Mech now silenty ignores DCC CHAT requests
  originating from ports below 1024 (chargen DoS fix)
* Fixed: (hopefully) checkmech problem on some machines
  (portable shellscripting is a bitch)
* Fixed: get_userlevel() returned 100 for the bot itself,
  it now returns 200 which is more appropriate
* Fixed: "LAST 20" now works as it should
* Fixed: Shitlist related bugs, does it all work now?
* Added: SHUTDOWN command
* Removed: NSL and FINGER commands (this code is much too
  troublesome, it can be made much more simple and secure)
* Added: TODO file
* Fixed: CPU-eating bug in connect_to_server()
* Fixed: SERVERLIST now reports connection errors properly     [ endorphin ]
* Changed: AVOICE is now a SET (0 = no autovoice,              [ endorphin ]
  1 = autovoice +AV users, 2 = autovoice everyone) 
* Fixed: connect_to_server() would connect to the MOST used
  server in the serverlist, this has been corrected.
* Changed: connect_to_server() has been optimized              [ proton + endorphin ]
* Fixed: parse_kick() would remove the kicker from the         [ endorphin ]
  internal channel lists and not the person being kicked
* Fixed: Port parameter for DELSERVER now works properly       [ endorphin ]
* Changed: Invalid nicks in randnicks.e was replaced with
  valid ones
* Fixed: SEGV in ADDSERVER command (user need access 80+)
* Fixed: SEGV in VERIFY caused by too long passwords being
  allowed. Password must now be between 4 and 50 chars
* Fixed: SEGV in SERVER command (user need access 80+)   
* Fixed: WHO voice/op bug


Released September 10th, 1999

* Added: AutoVoice support.
* Added: WinGate -w option for SPAWN command.
* Fixed: PASSWD command no longer requires "old" password
  if no password has been set.
  Usage: PASSWD [oldpassword] <newpassword>
* Fixed: Very vague infinite-loop possibility in server
  connects existed, it has been fixed.
* Fixed: NOIDLE not working (starlite)
* Fixed: Authentication lost after nick change (starlite)
* Fixed: Problem with shitlist functions (starlite)
* Fixed: The "/msg <bot> <cmdchar>" bug.

Released when???

* Fixed: Problems with CMD execution on multi-headed mechs.
* Fixed: Problem with authentications staying in place on
  multi-headed mechs.
* Fixed: ESAY $channels listing inactive/parted/not-joined
  channels (found by DMC).
* Fixed: Lockup bug in main loop when dealing with signals.
* Fixed: Telnet password checking.
* Fixed: Updated servers in sample.set.
* Fixed: Bot not rejoining when it's kicked (found by DMC).
* Fixed: CHAT command not working on Intel hardware.


Released when???

  ## Beta 10 Marker ##
* Fixed: SIGSEGV on "-TOG * toggle".
* Fixed: New bug from Beta 9 wrecking servers connects.
* Fixed: Password authentication problem... ouch.

  ## Beta 9 Marker ##
* Added: NEED-INVITE should now be working.
* Changed: Output format of HELP, CHANNELS, SERVERLIST
  and BANLIST.
* Changed: Internal handling of channels. New bugs might
  have been introduced.
* Fixed: A bundle of optimizations.
* Fixed: Session data is now also saved on SIGTERM.
* Fixed: RT now checks if the user giving the command has
  access on the target channel. It's also possible to set
  topics in channels with no +t flag when the bot isnt
  opped. -t has also been fixed in TOPIC command.
* Fixed: Mech rejoined *all* channels known to it when
  reconnecting to server, this is not correct behaviour
  since it might have been -PART'ed but not -FORGET'ed.
* Fixed: CSERV didnt print the real server name if one was
  available (well it does now!).
* Fixed: User turned into ghost users if they parted the
  channel with a message.
* Added: Help and correct usage line for WHO command.
* Fixed: WHOM now formats output correctly for linked bots.
* Fixed: vars.c should now compile even with NEWBIE
  support enabled.

  ## Beta 8 Marker ##
* Fixed: Crash bug in on_msg() on SunOS.
* Fixed: Missing reference to mcmd[] in combot.c.

  ## Beta 7 Marker ##
* Changed: Source distribution tarball is now unpacked
  into a versioned directory, GNU-style.
* Changed: WHOM output format slightly changed.
* Fixed: VOICE doing +o if no nick was given. This is a
  bug since channel_massmode() was changed.
* Changed: Refreshed the and mech.usage files.
* Fixed: USERHOST command now works...
* Added: Command USAGE, shows the usage for a command.
  Usage: USAGE <command>
* Changed: Format of LAST output has been changed. It's
  now also a per-bot list, not a global as before.
* Added: Server passwords, ALIAS settings and wingate
  settings are now saved to session file.
  With no args given, the current commandchar is printed.
  Only superusers can change the commandchar.
  Usage: CMDCHAR [cmdchar]
  Usage: WINGATE <host> <port>
  Usage: VIRTUAL <host>
  Usage: LINK PORT <linkport>
* Changed: LUSERS output format has been changed.
* Fixed: Userlist loading in multi-headed bots.
* Fixed: savesession() return values.
* Fixed: ALIAS references to on_msg_command[] => mcmd[].
* Fixed: Missing @SESSIONS@ thingy in
* Removed: Commands AOP, RAOP and PROT: replaced by USER.

  ## Beta 6 Marker ##
* Added: The missing LINK stuffs in session support. There
  could still be some more missing though... Also added
  a configure section for it.
* Changed: With NEWBIE support *disabled* the REPORT cmd
  now prints all the settings in a much more dense format.
* Fixed: Autolink would try to connect to entities with no
  linkport listed. This has been fixed.

  ## Beta 5 Marker ##
* Changed: No more hardcoded limit for how many bots can
  run in a process at the same time. Spawn all you want ;P
  All these changes probably introduced a bunch of new bugs.
* Changed: Replaced an unbelievably ugly kludge in on_msg()
  with some decent code (for "bot cmd ..." style commands).
* Fixed: Garbage and potential bugs in do_linkcmd().
* Changed: Lots of optimizations/rewrites all over.
* Changed: channel_massmode() has been modified to accept
  nicks and several patterns at a time enabling stuff like
  "-deop * * sicko dumbo".
* Added: Makefile stub in the root directory which passes
  on all make commands to the src/Makefile.
* Changed: Lots of code optimizations in on_mode().
* Fixed: Having +l in ENFM would reset the limit to 69 if
  the limit was removed. Its now reset to the original value.
* Fixed: Spelling error in configure script.

  ## Beta 4 Marker ##
* Fixed: Small memory leak in parse_part().
* Fixed: Typo stuff stopped the bot from undoing bans that
  were set on protected users by people not in the userlist.
* Fixed: Spy now prints channel for both quits and
  nickchanges. If a person is in several spied-on
  channels, the change will be seen several times.
* Fixed: Lots of bizarre bug-ish stuff in on_kick().
* Fixed: Using USER command to set protlevel now works.
* Changed: CORE information has been enhanced and the
  info is presented in a more dense format. This has made
  the INFO command useless so it has been removed.
* Fixed: find_shit() was broken so shitlist wouldnt work.
* Changed: Output of HELP command has been changed.
* Changed: Output of SERVERLIST command slightly changed.
* Fixed: Screwed output in CHANNELS, ALLSTATS and CSTATS
  commands when both +l and +k was set. Output of CHANNELS
  command has been slightly changed.

  ## Beta 3 Marker ##
* Fixed: Problem with %*-style strings in ESAY.
* Fixed: Problem adding users with long handle names.
* Fixed: BOTLEVEL (200) users could chat/telnet a bot.
  (BOTLEVEL users *cannot* execute commands tho, they
  can only listen to statmsgs and partyline).
* New command: USER, should make user sharing work
  altho some parts are still missing. See HELP USER for
  more details.
  Usage: USER <handle> <flags ...>
* SIGHUP and SIGUSR1 now affect only the 1st created bot.
  Before it was rather random which performed the action.
* Fixed SIGSEGV problem in Atoi(). Caused SEGV if reading
  config file w/ servers with no ports.

  ## Beta 2 Marker ##
* Fixed obscure SIGSEGV in the backgrounding routine.
  (Ugly but not a showstopper).
* Single char error prevented adding of new KICKSAYs. Fixed.
* Public password commands (VERIFY, PASSWD, SETPASS) are
  ignored to discourage idiots from giving out passwords.
* Failed autolinks spew 'Link to "blablabla" failed',
  now only manual LINK UPs will give that message.
* Telnet has been restricted to L10+ users (as with DCC).
* With LINKING defined, ADDed users werent locked as needed
  thus creating ghost users. This would be a major problem
  when setting up a 2.6.1b1 for the first time... Fixed.
* Fixed SIGSEGV in cycle_channel().
* Fixed small FD leakage in parse_error().

  ## Beta 1 Marker ##
* Added BASIC support for userlist sharing over mechnets.
  Its not quite finished yet. * Added SET WINGATE command.
  Usage: SET WINGATE <host> <port>
* Added missing code for saving the ECHO flag.
* Link messages from "$" are passed to send_global_statmsg().
  This should have been in 2.6.0 but was forgotten.
* Verification is required before a bot will reply to
  DCC CHAT requests.
* Fixed small bug in cfg_nickname(). Trailing spaces or other
  illegal nick could mess things up really big (Found by Qm-D).
* Added WinGate support. * Added PASS support for server connect.
* Made [#channel] option for USERLIST command also list
  global users. Use -C option to list channel-only users.
* Added command BYE for clean DCC/Telnet disconnects.
  Usage: BYE
* MAJOR struct rewrites. New bugs may have been introduced.


Released May 27th, 1999.

* No changes from 2.5.31 beta.


Version changed to 2.6.0

* LINK DOWN command completed. Original code by `Scooby.
* Completed $NICK link command for synched bot nicks on
  mech networks.
* leave_channel() has been moved into do_leave().
* parse_352() (RPL_WHOREPLY) has been optimized/fixed.
* do_steal() and do_rsteal() has been rewritten.
* Channel steals has been optimized and #def'd. The steal
  setting is now part of the channel struct instead of having
  its own list pointer in the bot struct.
* Revenge kick has been optimized.
* New config file command: ALIAS, use it to set an alias for
  an already existing command.
  Usage: ALIAS <command> <alias>
* Telnet now works (it seems anyways) and a section in the
  configure script has been added for this feature. Linking has
  to be enabled to allow telnet.
* Single char error in send_statmsg() has been fixed so that it
  sends a timestamp as it should.
* TRACE command removed. I'd be surprised if anyone even know
  what this command was used for...
* TOPKICKS command removed. Too much code for so little.
* DCCLIST command removed. Use WHOM instead.
* Single char error made "Virtual host" always appear in the
  CORE info even if no vhost was set. This has been fixed.

  ## Beta 10 Marker ##
* Fixed the no-rejoin-after-disconnection bug.
* HELP and HELPFULL now lists all commands as a comma separated
  list instead of a fixed width table.
* CORE will no longer list active channels (use CHANNELS).
* CORE will now show the currently set vhost, if any.
* SET can now be used to change virtual host of a bot.
* Fixed a problem where a mech with an invalid vhost would
  cause heavy system load, it now reverts to INADDR_ANY if
  the vhost cannot be used.
* Added code for the "HELP on <command>" and "Level needed:" in
  the help-routine which I apparently forgot when I remade it.
* Removed the BK toggle since all the code for the beep-kicking
  has been removed earlier.
* Added missing help topic for SCREW command.
* Command SCREWBAN has been renamed to SCREW.
* Default level for SPAWN has been changed from 90 to 100. 
* Fixed compilation errors in main.c on some UNIX flavours.
* There was FD leakage in the do_help() routine so I rewrote
  the whole thing. This should greatly help overall stability.
* Default level for SPYMSG was changed from 80 to 90.
  (Why? Cuz RSPYMSG was level 90...)

  ## Beta 9 Marker ##
* Userlist related coredumps on 64-bit systems has been fixed
  (hopefully anyways).
* USTATS now checks for matching handles before searching after
  a user by nick.
* Complete rewrite of the README file.
* SHITREASON command has been removed: too much code for such
  a small task IMO, use RSHIT+SHIT instead.
* mech.usage routines has been remade yet again. Some commands
  has been added (DO, JOIN, SET).
* URL for added to README file.
* updates (ADD, SET, TOG).
* ADD does some extra sanity checking.
* Bots can now be added with the ADD command using both
  "BOT" level and "200" ("BOT" is only for backwards compatibility,
  it confuses lamers).
* HOST command now checks for invalid or global masks before
  adding them...
* SET can now be used to change commandchar.
  Usage: SET CMDCHAR <char>
* SET can now be used to change Linkport.
  Usage: SET LINKPORT <1-65535>
* TOG command now supports arguments for whether a toggle should
  be SET, UNSET or TOGGLED (default).
  Usage: TOG [channel|*] <toggle> [0|1|ON|OFF]
* Internal handling of CMD command execution have been improved
* Command spy (TOG SPY) now wont print random nicks when commands
  are executed across links.
* Completed the "mech.usage" file. I will try to make good use of
  it now as well ;)
* configure script now checks if -pipe switch works and uses it
  (cuts down on disk access during compilation).
* The beep-flooding code has been removed (when was the last time
  you saw a tsunami flood?).
* The problem with the mech joining and parting when its lagged
  has been fixed (and hopefully nothing new has been put in its
* HELP commands with no arguments given now calls HELPFULL to list
  all commands (patch by guppy (yes, the eggdrop guy ;))
* HELPFULL now lists commands grouped by level.
* The 'Beginner help routines' are as follows:
  DIE command in mech configuration file.
  REPORT shows descriptions of what certain switches do.
* New linking debug code added (debug output to LinkEvents file).
  Debug need to be compiled into the mech to enable LinkEvents
* Added a Levels section in the online help file (
* The SETPASS now works as its supposed to (it used to allow users
  to set passwords of any other user. Also, you can now unset
  passwords with SETPASS command if you're at level 80 or higher,
  just do "SETPASS <handle> none".
* Bad behavior on behalf of the configure script could cause some
  big problems (Linux systems, others?) if it was executed as root,
  this has been fixed.

  ## Beta 5 Marker ##
* New command added: DELSERVER, and updated and mech.usage
  with help for it.
* Added a couple of lines to randsignoff.e
* Internal structure of serverlist has been reworked for a more
  efficient (hopefully anyway) format. Some commands has changed
  functionality because of it (CORE, SERVERLIST).
* New variable for ESAY: $links. It will show all active mech links
  (if any), prefixing local uplinks with a '*' and remote uplinks
  with a '='.
* Setting prot to 4 would actually reset it to 0 due to a storage
  limit (only 2 bits were used), this has been fixed (it now uses
  3 bits, woopie!!)...
* Linking has been fixed/changed to make it more stable and
  foolproof. Linking with older versions will no longer work, so
  make sure you upgrade...
* SIGSEGV handler is no longer installed when mech is running in
  debug mode (mech -d) so that coredumps will be made properly.
* Removed LOADKICKS and SAVEKICKS commands since they don't serve
  much of a purpose + updated helpfile.
* Fixed an infinite loop in the USERLIST command (only happened if
  you listed users based on mask).
* Fixed infinite loops around SIGSEGV debug routine (it now cores
  and exists even if it was compiled with debug).
* Minor/cosmetic changes of configuration file loader.
* configure script now asks user about compile time options and
  alters config.h based on the answers.
* Added a DIE option for configuration file loader to get rid of
  the absolute lamers who copy sample.set to mech.set and run it...


Released November 15th, 1998.

* Single char error in command replies over links resulting in no
  replies at all.


Released November 15th, 1998.

* PROT now works for bots as well (was: level <200 = access denied)
* PROT command now accepts level 0 to 4, eliminating the need of the
  RPROT command which has been removed.
* More mech.usage...
* SESSIONS define is now off by default (sessions isn't fully
  functioning yet)
* Due to braindamage some of the new linking routines caused bots to
  stick around while entities was unlinked, causing huge link-lists
  (.whom) after running for a while. This should be fixed now...
  This fix should also make for more stable linking of mechs :]


Released November 13th, 1998.

FRIDAY THE 13TH!!! -- uh oh... 

* Fixed SESSIONS define in cfgfile.c (error if SESSIONS is undefd)
* When you verify, you should be verified with all linked bots, if you
  have the same password.
* SCREWBAN now only accepts nicknames (as it should).
* WALL command now supports undernet NOTICE @#channel stuff, add
  HASONOTICE to your config file to make use of it.


Released October 24th, 1998.

* You can no longer add multiple identical masks to the same handle.
  It will complain (HOST command) or silently ignore the mask
  (internal routines).
* Fixed the SPY & RSPY commands (RSPY wasn't working at all).
* Added a new user #define for dynamic command levels (change of needed
  levels with CHACCESS).
* Fixed a few entries in the file.
* Added a few entries to mech.usage.
* Updated the sample.set file with some linking stuff.
* Added a cfg_noop routine to kill warnings for the */NO* type tags.
* Added README file.


Released October 20th, 1998.

* Fixed the coredump from trying to do ``LINK UP unknownentity''
* Fixed some config.h defines stuff (when undef'd it would error when


Released October 19th, 1998.

* Fixed an infinite loop in send_global_statmsg() when you had more
  than 2 bots in the same process and chatted more than one bot.
* DEL command now only accepts handles to delete.
* VOICE with no nickname given did +o instead of +v, fixed.
* Added a VERSIONS file...


Released September 10th, 1998.

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