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Download: jjffe-2.5-linux-glibc2.1.tar.gz [1018kB] (JJFFE v2.5)

If you want the older version which includes some slight modifications,
you can download this package: jjffe-linux-glibc2.1.tar.gz [852kB] (JJFFE v2.1 + modifications)

These packages requires glibc 2.1.x, X11R6 (libraries), SVGAlib and probably a lot of patience.

If it complains about missing libraries, run: ldd ./ffe.exe
This will tell you what specific libraries are used and which are not found.

Unpack it somewhere and edit allegro.cfg to fit your system.
Personally I have set up the mouse as a gpm repeater, which works great.
If you already have gpm running, you need to edit the run script,
since it starts and stops gpm on its own.

I dont know if it will run under X, I wouldnt try it tho. Its bloody slow.
Even if you have X running, use a virtual console and SVGAlib.

If you install the cabin bitmaps, rename them "Cabin#.bmp" --> "cabin#.bmp".
Linux is case sensitive on filenames, remember? =]

If you do not like my version of the crosshairs (direction and aim),
go into .../pix and do;
mv pix98.bin.orig pix98.bin
mv pix99.bin.orig pix99.bin

If you want to make your own bitmaps, you can use the sources in .../source
to convert between pix*.bin and pix*.bmp

If all is well, do;

It should start up fine if your settings in allegro.cfg are correct.

Happy thargoid hunting!