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Installing Patches

1) Download the patch file into the main directory of the emech distribution. For this example, the patch file is called patch.diff

bash$ ls
COPYING   README    checkmech  contrib    patch.diff  sample.set
Makefile  VERSIONS  configure  randfiles   src

2) Use the patch command to install your downloaded patch. It may come up with 'Hunk <x> succeeded at <line>' warnings if you have installed more than one patch, but they can be safely ignored.

bash$ patch -p1 -i patch.diff
patching file `src/combot.c'
patching file `src/defines.h'
patching file `src/global.h'
patching file `src/structs.h'

3) You can now compile and setup your emech as normal.

Patches for v2.8.1

alias.diff by zip

Lets you add aliases on the fly, instead of just in the config file.

emech-2.8.1-boot.diff by endorphin

Patch to add the BOOT command that allows you to terminate users DCC sessions.

emech-2.8.1-services.diff by endorphin

Patch to add generic services support to Energymech. It is not full featured, but check README.SERVICES for capabilities and usage.

emech-2.8.1-sha.diff by madcamel

Adds support for SHA1 password hashes in the user file for increased security.

emech-2.8.1-topic.diff by endorphin

Patch to refresh the channel topic with a setable delay.

Patches for v2.8

alt_randsay.e by proton

Drop-in replacement for randfiles/randsay.e (used for random topics). Contains about ~3500 lines (original randsay.e has ~1000) of sayings, proverbs, quotes, nonsense, etc.

emech-2.8-unverify.diff by madcamel

Adds an UNVERIFY command to de-authenticate yourself explicitly if need be.

Patches for v2.7.6.1

needop-excessflood.diff by endorphin

Fixes excess floods due to needop requests.

seen-ago.diff by endorphin

Change seen reports to show how long ago someone was spotted instead of exactly when they was. Eliminates the problem of timezones.

topic-refresh.diff by endorphin

Refresh set topics every 60 minutes. Avoids missing topics caused by netsplits (pretty essential on undernet these days).

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