Unmaintained as of 2002

This is just some code that I decided to put up on freshmeat and release to the general public, instead of just sending it around to my friends.

Alogin-0.11 - Auto login of consoles

Stealth Kernel Patch - For 2.2.18/19
Stealth IP Stack is a kernel patch for Linux 2.2.x which makes your machine almost invisable on the network without impeding normal network operation. Many denial of service attacks, such as stream, are much less effective with this patch installed, and port scanners slow to a crawl. It works by restricting TCP RST packets (no "Connection Refused"), restricting ICMP_UNREACH on udp (Prevents UDP portscans), retricting all ICMP and IGMP requests. A sysctl interface is used so these features can be turned on and off on the fly.
2.2.16-17 version
To install:
cd <your linux src dir>
patch -p1 < stealth-2.2.xx.diff

A lot of people have been mailing me asking for a 2.4.x port of the patch. I have not made one for the reason that iptables can handle all the functions of the patch, without mucking about with kernel source. I personaly have no intrest in a 2.4 port, however I will put a link here for those of you that persist. GetRewted.net has informed me that they will be posting a 2.4 patch shortly.

rstd-1.1 - Companion to the kernel patch above, Will send rate-limited tcp rst (Connection Refused) packets on specified ports.

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