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==  Linking (2.x)  ==  Linking (3.x)  ==


The examples in this text shows how things can look when you configure your EnergyMech. Many settings will differ depending on what shell you are using, what IRC network you are connected to, etc.


To begin with, you should have an idea about what linking accomplishes.

The linking code in EnergyMechs is still not complete, but it works. Linked EnergyMechs share a common partyline, can op eachother safely in channels and invite eachother to +i channels (if opped of course).


To configure an EnergyMech for linking you need to put some extra commands into your configuration file. The most important one is the ENTITY name which has to be uniqe! If two different EnergyMechs have the same entity name, they will refuse to take part in the same botnet.

For the EnergyMech to be able to link, it needs to know who it is itself (ENTITY, LINKPASS and LINKPORT commands in config) and it has to know who the other EnergyMechs are (LINK command in both config and online).

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